"Meeting you in your present frame of nutritional awareness, leading you to an enhanced wellness perspective."

Meet Elizabeth


I am a licensed and certified nutritionist who began as a raw chef on the west coast!  I have worked with thousands of individual clinical clients, licensed practitioners and doctors meeting them in their present paradigm and seeking to take them one or more steps further.  The result is an up-leveling of your program!  I seek to work with your unique set of circumstances, preferences and bio-individuality.  With me you will find your program workable, pleasantly challenging and on point.  

Recipes & Tips 


Seek to learn new recipes and enhance your daily routine!  Improve your nutrition one bite at a time.  

Group & Family Nutrition Counseling


Working with groups who are collectively striving and working to improve their knowledge and application of nutritional principles can be extremely life-changing.  Group formats provide a means for participants to share and draw from each others experiences and ultimately inspire, motivate and improve results.  


You know you are not the only one out there experiencing what you are experiencing, so why not join others?

All group participants are led by Liz and different group focus formats exist including 7, 10-day and longer immersion formats.  

Fredericksburg, Virginia


Elizabeth Howard 
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