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I am a nutritionist with more than 15 years of experience.  I began my own wellness journey when I first lived in Hawaii as a young adult and was exploring both the culture and ways to heal a respiratory problem that had resulted due to some accidents in college.  I had been an athlete and very in- tune with my body, and I found my new circumstances challenging.  Still, I remained active and open, allowing my challenge to be the catalyst to the opening of new doors and paradigms including chiropractic care and local kahuna healing.  

I later claimed nutrition as my chosen area of focus and study as I lept into the raw vegan foods movement when living in the Northwest.  It was there that I became a raw foods chef and lifestyle practitioner.  At that time I was struggling with chronic fatigue, and was truly searching for "the answer" to my health.  Attracted to both the spirit of the movement, and all the interesting people I met, I evolved, transformed, and emerged from that very interesting time in my life changed. 


I came to understand that everyone is unique, that purity is not the complete path, and that people, their challenges, and their body's response to nutritional therapies differs.  I found that greater mastery is only part of the solution, and that acceptance is key.  I became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and began working with individuals compassionately one-on-one to recover their health.  

I have come to understand that healing and wholeness is a journey, never with a final destination.   I suggest to those working with me that balance is the goal, and creating a nourishing and healthy relationship with food should frame their positive results.  I work with individuals and their unique bio-individuality seeking to up-level their current program, to challenge their perspective, and find workable solutions as they travel their own unique path.  

I have created and led both groups and individuals to greater health and I have seen how community in group settings brings support, a fuller story, inspiration, and healing to many.  

Fredericksburg, Virginia


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